ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is a group of electronic safety features that use sensors and cameras to assist drivers in various ways. They are designed to make driving safer and more efficient by alerting drivers to potential dangers, such as blind spots or lane departure, and even taking control of the vehicle in emergency situations.

ADAS calibration is the process of recalibrating these systems after a windshield replacement or repair. It ensures that all components are functioning correctly, so that the system can provide accurate information to the driver when needed. Without proper calibration, ADAS may not function properly, which could lead to accidents or malfunctions while on the road. Therefore, it is important for technicians to ensure that ADAS calibration is included whenever windshield installation or repair takes place.

Why Choose Us?

Accuracy: An auto glass shop that offers ADAS calibration in-shop ensures the accuracy of your vehicle’s sensor system, which is essential for safe driving.

Safety: Driving with a misaligned or improperly calibrated ADAS system poses a significant risk to drivers as it may result in accidents. With in-shop calibration services available, you can be sure that your car’s safety systems are functioning properly.

Cost-effective: By having an auto glass shop provide ADAS calibration in shop instead of visiting multiple locations to get the work done, you’ll save money on travel expenses and reduce downtime without a vehicle.

Expertise: Shops offering in shop ADAS calibrations have experienced technicians who are qualified to handle any issue related to these complex systems in modern vehicles, ensuring reliable service every time.